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Caring for your Civic Insignia

Here is a short list of things to follow to help care for your Gold/Silver items:

  1. Always keep the Chain and Jewel in their case(s) to protect them from unnecessary damage.

  2. Polish the Chain at least monthly with a Goddard’s Silver cloth, which contains anti-tarnish qualities.

  3. NEVER use abrasive cleaners to polish the Chain, Jewel or any Civic Insignia.
    We have, in the past, had to restore Chains of Office where car polish had been used.

  4. Check for damage, i.e. scratches on the Chain and loss of enamel in the Jewel and have any damage put right as soon as possible.

Spurcroft-Civic recommends Goddard’s Silver Cloths to clean and polish all silver and gold items.

Goddards Cleaning Cloth and Polish